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During computer lessons students from years 3 through to year 6 have been learning and using the DET blogging tool – BlogED. BlogED was developed in accordance with DET policies and guidelines. Students access blogED through their DET student portal. Students can access this through a tab on the school website called My Portal when at home.

When using the DET blog students are able to safely:

• use the same login they use for email and Internet browsing

• experience the same filters that are currently applied to the use of email and Internet browsing

• be guided by current permission forms regarding confidentiality and privacy

• be protected by DET standards of acceptable use of online communications.

What is a blog?

A blog (an abbreviation of weblog) is a personal website, organised like a diary or journal, which shows the author's most recent additions first. It enables the author to write regular entries expressing their view of events.

Depending on the permission levels set for a blog, the readers (audience) of the blog are able to ‘post' to a blog or ‘comment' on a post.

What is an educational blog?

An educational blog is an online journal where a student writes (makes posts) about their learning, which may be commented on by other students and the teacher. Students can add, link to documents or include work samples onto their blog. DET blogs can only be set up by the teacher. Teachers are able to monitor, moderate posts and comments on the blog. 

Some of the main benefits of using blogs for teaching and learning are:

Engagement - students are familiar with online communication and are motivated to learn with online tools.

Audience - feedback from peers adds authenticity to the learning activity.

Responsibility for learning – students are able to articulate their own learning in a blog and to strengthen a sense of ownership of the contents.

Literacy skills - writing to communicate ideas, and integrating images and other media is integral to blogging.

Digital literacy - blogging combines technical and communication skills.

Critical literacy - students learn to evaluate and assess the credibility of what they read online, especially in other blogs.

Blogging is a fun way for students to learn valuable skills in the computer room and integrate classroom learning. Using a blog as a learning tool also makes it possible for students to share their learning with parents. Blogs can allow parents to gain a deeper understanding of the explicit teaching and learning in which their child is engaged at school.

Student computer room blog