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Child's Voice

"I feel safe here." - Eddie (2019)

"Preschool makes me feel so fun!" - Liberty (2020)

"I love to play in the mud. I don't have mud at home." - Oliver (2020)

"There is lots of bugs." - Jack (2020)


Parent's Voice

"In my honest opinion I cannot fault Waratah Pre School and the teachers there, I sincerely wish I had known about the preschool before Chloe had started kindergarten. Jack has grown so much in his time at preschool and he loves every day that he goes to 'his big school'.  He is made to feel welcome, safe and appreciated. Thank you ladies for all that you do." - Shai (2019)

"I think you are doing a fabulous job and we/Hannah have been so lucky to have you as key influencers in the first years of her educational journey." - Tammy (2019)

"I think the school is amazing and the way you guys help the children is amazing and would not change a thing." - Amie (2019)

"I think you’re all doing an amazing job. I love the structure of your pre-school already and think you do an incredible job teaching/ playing with the children." - Jenny (2019) 

"We couldn't be happier with the care our daughter receives at Waratah Preschool. The staff/teachers have continuously gone above and beyond to ensure she is happy, learning and growing. Highly recommended!" - Sarah (2020)


Community Voice

"What a delightful preschool!  The staff at Waratah Preschool are warm, energetic, supportive and genuinely love their jobs.  The variety of learning opportunities for the children are always creative and engaging.  Both the indoor and outdoor spaces are set up beautifully with plenty of invitations for play-based learning, which change regularly according to the interests of the children. As a paediatric physiotherapist who supports children with additional needs in their own environments, I have been so impressed with the staff at Waratah Preschool.  They have been exceptional with their communication and following through with recommendations for the student I support. The outcomes have been fabulous for the child and family, and as a result the child will be in a much stronger position transitioning over to school. It has been a pleasure to work with the team, and I would highly recommend this preschool to anyone seeking a wonderful learning environment for their child." - Shereen Morris - The Children's Therapy Hub (2020)

"It is an absolute joy to work with the staff and children at Waratah Public School Preschool.  The staff have created a magical, stimulating environment for all children to grow and thrive.  They are committed to the social, emotional, and developmental progress of all children and are genuinely nurturing in their approach.  They care for children in the day to day and look to the future, ensuring school readiness.  It is always a pleasure to attend the preschool." - Thizbe Wenger - Hunter New England Health (2020)