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Education Week 2020

26 Aug 2020

Education Week art display for all of the school

Waratah Public School's Museum of Modern Art

To mark Education Week 2020 our students focused on their creative talents to create their very own Museum of Modern art. Last Friday, saw the culmination of our efforts with our school turning into our very own art gallery. All students had the opportunity to walk around the school and view the different stage's artworks. In the learning support playground, all students were able to view their new abstract installation. Early Stage One and Stage One used our beautiful rain forest gardens to showcase their 'amazing animal sculptures' and 'mythical clay creatures'. The new OOSH area was transformed into a beautiful gallery showcasing Stage Two's perspective photography. Stage Three produced a recycled wonderland, students saw their wonderful scarecrows, sculptures and planters. Although we missed having the parents with us this year, students still had great joy in tuning into their creative talents and showcasing their wonderful skills. 

To see pictures of the students' wonderful work, please refer to the Week 6, Term 3 Newsletter